[dplm17] VA - Second Dive

[dplm17] VA - Second Dive


1 Adverb - Aeturnus
6:31 download (15,0 MB)
2 Waveform - Delay Tunes
6:18 download (14,5 MB)
3 Outring - Hush!
7:25 download (17,1 MB)
4 Mr.Dee - Untertaucht
4:35 download (10,6 MB)
5 STiCH - Chlorophyll
6:49 download (15,7 MB)
6 Einmusik - Tisuca (Playone and Griboedoff rmx)
7:25 download (17,1 MB)
7 Artem Folevski - Alpine
7:02 download (16,2 MB)
8 Alla Farmer - Redub my mind (Komponente remix)
6:15 download (14,4 MB)
9 Pappy Knead & Servello - Silhouette
6:23 download (14,7 MB)
10 Psycho Cowboys - Buttercrab
8:23 download (19,3 MB)
11 ON aka Leipzig - Deep Story
6:43 download (15,5 MB)
12 Mr.Pips - Vanilla Sky
6:34 download (15,1 MB)
zip VA - Second Dive
all tracks + cover download (156,8 MB)

10 Junho 2009

The second dive. The second is when the heart beat in your ears doesn’t disturb to behold the smallest details, the thinnest sound flavor, when we can feel using our sixth sense mild fall of the waves, that roll over the surface of the water and rock a little bit this world of pasteboard.

Coat by coat, each next is more dense and deep then previous, and the colors are secretly going darker and richer, from soft blue highlights to thick violet velvet. The deeper - the more surf's quiet rustling and the sound of the rolling pebbles, which are being replaced by strange and alluring sounds, are moving to the background. This is the echo of the huge world, the distant singing of the mysterious inhabitants of the depth.

This release has been creating for several months. The tracks included into are created by absolutely different people living in different points of our plane, speaking different languages, but having something common - they saw depth, heard its sound and could render these sounds with the help of deep techno language. Hatches are battened down, belts are fastened, full immersing!

Cover: Dmytro Nikolaienko

Text: Alexander Kaidannik


nelson ferrado 07 Agosto 2011

Thank´s for your chilling waves.
the minimal longue that rules minds like mine.

TooDeep 16 Novembro 2009

Great...i wait to listen to them

helder from france 11 Agosto 2009

exellent stuff , thanks

helder from france 11 Agosto 2009

exellent stuff , thanks

m-eject 11 Julho 2009

pure & nice!

Ludovic 23 Junho 2009

Adverb's track is incredible...

Сергей_fantik 20 Junho 2009

Всем привет) Хочу выразить огромную благодарность всем тем,кто принимал участие в создании этого замечательного "второго погружения"! Спасибо за музыку,чувства и энергетику! В частности спасибо Донецким ребятам)))

Chmil 16 Junho 2009


adverb 14 Junho 2009

r e s p e c t !

youngod 13 Junho 2009

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