[dplm10] Waveform - Aromatherapy EP

[dplm10] Waveform - Aromatherapy EP


1 Waveform - Aromatherapy
5:15 download (12,1 MB)
2 Waveform - Asymmetry
5:08 download (11,8 MB)
3 Waveform - Dub Inside Of Us (re-edit)
8:28 download (19,4 MB)
4 Waveform - Static Air
4:35 download (10,6 MB)
5 Waveform - Jumping Bugs
5:08 download (11,8 MB)
zip Waveform - Aromatherapy EP
all tracks + cover download (49,8 MB)

09 Junho 2008

Can you always feel the border between dreams and reality? Do you always hear the sounds of the environment ... or are this sounds created by your unconsciousness? Do you always see the same as others ... or these are only pictures of your imagination? Reality is needed to be invented. Recreate your world with all its smells, tastes, colors and sounds.


fbqxdyzvfvy 17 Janeiro 2012

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mocsfzziipt 14 Janeiro 2012

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Emmly 12 Janeiro 2012

Knowlgdee wants to be free, just like these articles!

Jacoby 09 Janeiro 2012

Sharp thinking! Thanks for the asnewr.

gui Q 16 Oct 2008

great dub

Bezkedov 17 Julho 2008

Static Air - такого хода мембрамы динамиков своей аккустики, что я не припомню...казалось, что ходит не только вперед и назад,но еще и в стороны...и трек хороший...

Jumping Bugs - замечательно!!!

helder lover deep 07 Julho 2008

pure realease , very deep as i like ; i'got all stuff from waveform since the beginnig and always satisfated! keep on and hugs from France and Portugal.

Komponente 12 Junho 2008

красивый релиз :)
продолжай в том же духе!

stich 09 Junho 2008

отличный звук!

Violex 09 Junho 2008

Отличная расслабляющая музыка.
Особо хочется выделить работы Static Air и Jumping Bugs. Очень интересный саунд!Так держать!

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