[dplm31] Nacho Monetto - M.G EP

04 Dezembro 2012

[dplm30] Zizz - Caxap EP

01 Março 2012

[dplm29] Deepad - Session LP

26 Dezembro 2011

[dplm27] Serendipity - Moody Weather

16 Junho 2011

[dplm26] Vaia - Experimental Love EP

04 Abril 2011

Presentation of the neltabel in Donetsk

15 Março 2008

deeplimit night

Deeplimit netlabel continues a series of the presentations planned in large cities of Ukraine. On Saturday March, 15th in Donetsk in "Kinokofeynia" named after A.A.Hanzhonkov the second Deeplimit party takes place. In the next immersing into the deep-water techno will take part dj youngod, dj jackob; dj koshkin; dj funky roger.vj Galina Akinshina.


Teyah 12 Janeiro 2012

You can alawys tell an expert! Thanks for contributing.

Sharky 17 Março 2008

Будет круто!!! =Ъ

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