[dplm31] Nacho Monetto - M.G EP

04 Dezembro 2012

[dplm30] Zizz - Caxap EP

01 Março 2012

[dplm29] Deepad - Session LP

26 Dezembro 2011

[dplm27] Serendipity - Moody Weather

16 Junho 2011

[dplm26] Vaia - Experimental Love EP

04 Abril 2011

deep contact @ Coffee room

22 Março 2008



Creative evening supported by the Ukrainian net label "deeplimit" and theatre of a modern choreography "Potoki". Within the project the embroidered pictures of Aleksandra Palash, Alexander Perevertajlo and Irina Erhova will be presented. 4 hours of a levitation in musical open spaces together with the musicians of a net label "deeplimit." 20 minutes of sensual performance from participants of theatre "Potoki". Entrance is 40 hryven only with the invitation.

Invitations are available at JAM, Free Fat Music, Ethno.

Or you can reserve having written the message to


)))) 25 Março 2008


Fnkrgr 23 Março 2008

Отличная атмосфеа, отличные люди, отличная музыка.

frolov 14 Março 2008

уже пишу письмо !)

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