[dplm20] VA - Deeplimit: Two Years Deep

[dplm20] VA - Deeplimit: Two Years Deep


1 ZimaLeto - When Time Is Changing
07:52 download (18,3 MB)
2 Yabuzch - Water Current
06:52 download (16,0 MB)
3 Adverb - Melting Siberia
06:29 download (15,1 MB)
4 Bop - Enjoy The Moment (Kaskaad Remix)
06:20 download (14,8 MB)
5 Didactic Scalica - We Believe
06:40 download (15,6 MB)
6 Muzikalist - Flying Subjects
07:34 download (17,6 MB)
7 Max Pollyul - Intelligent Hooligans
06:42 download (15,7 MB)
8 Gradient - We Are The Sound Forms
06:08 download (14,4 MB)
9 Evgeny Light - November Dream
07:32 download (17,6 MB)
10 Mr.Dee - The Road
05:19 download (12,5 MB)
11 Komponente - Behind Horizon
03:58 download (9,43 MB)
12 Artem Folevski - Cut My Heart
09:39 download (22,4 MB)
zip VA - Deeplimit: Two Years Deep
all tracks + cover download (154,08 MB)

07 Nov 2009

Two years of regular immersions have made deeplimit a competent pilot of deep-water techno-music. The endorsement of it is the release, by which the musicians are summing up two-years voyage.

The purified sound without any bustle and haste. The beginning is ambient, incredibly atmospheric and placatory insensibly dispose us the contemplating harmony and make us throw off all our troubles and look into ourselves.

Several more minutes of making up our mind and we irrevocably find ourselves into the power of velvet bass lines and charming percussions. The immersion is occurring imperceptibly, but very fast we are caught up and carried away by the rhythmical underwater flow, track after track, that is taking away to reveal deep techno mysteries.

Text by: Alex Kaidannik


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Finch 09 Jan 2012

So that's the case? Quite a revealtoin that is.

d-day 06 Dec 2011

MR.DEE-THE ROAD-dancefloor destroyer superb stuff....keep up the good work mr.dee.

Grb 17 Oct 2010

keep it coming!!!! awesome, i've been a fan of deeplimit for a couple years now.... sweet-runners!! australians love minimal tech! great daytime gear.

Xizzzy 29 Jan 2010

Как же я мог себе позволить не поздравить deeplimit с двухлетием! Спасибо за погружения в субстанцию похожую на кисель, в которой танцуют косточки ягод, поют вздымающиеся медленно вверх пузырьки воздуха и цвет и свет вокруг такие мягкие, что хочется плыть и плыть в этой теплой, сладкой музыке.
Спасибо! Успехов!

SergeyF 15 Jan 2010

Огромное ВСЕМ СПАСИБО за музыку)))

grib 30 Dec 2009

я распался на молекулы!!!!!

очень нравится музыка , в которой при каждом новом прослушивании находишь для себя что-то новое !!!

боп 26 Nov 2009


Aspid7321 19 Nov 2009

Крууть!! Респект и уважуха!!

Vitolly 15 Nov 2009

Мммм какая прелесть.
Отлично ребята, так держать.
Я всегда за хорошую и красивую музыку.

Funky Roger 11 Nov 2009

Great warm feeling! Love ur music!

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