[dplm19] Max Pollyul - Deep Swimming EP

[dplm19] Max Pollyul - Deep Swimming EP


1 Max Pollyul - Drop
9:20 download (13,1 MB)
2 Max Pollyul - Deep Swimming
7:10 download (10,1 MB)
3 Max Pollyul - Viscous Liquid
7:39 download (10,8 MB)
4 Max Pollyul - Concentrate
7:23 download (17,2 MB)
zip Max Pollyul - Deep Swimming EP
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11 Aug 2009

I am like those one's, who love nature. Being in the forest, near the water, I feel myself exellent. Water is one of those elements, which contains the huge past and future. It is part of the planet, that presents us a puzzle. Something both: unexplored and mysterious. When I had assembled all my boldness, I've decided to penetrate into depth and try to understand it from within.


d-day 06 Dec 2011

o my good...deepnes from heaven????

ltcrhj 19 Aug 2011

V9EmYJ , [url=]hrluhkjxruht[/url], [link=]tbbeskzaotgi[/link],

Gerri 17 Aug 2011

THX that's a great ansewr!

darius 08 Dec 2010

Great job!! Thanks for share big music!!

Darius 08 Dec 2010

Great job!! Thanks for share big music!!

waterworld 14 Oct 2009

I'm in love with ''Concentrate''. respect, mate :)

Илья 25 Sep 2009

очень хорошая музыка главное глубокая..

max pollyul 21 Sep 2009

All many thanks!

Whoon 19 Sep 2009

O4en Priyatniy i dobrotniy zvuk!!! Molodca!

escadia 25 Aug 2009

Great release. I can't believe is free. nice job.

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