[dplm07] Ludovic - Pop

[dplm07] Ludovic - Pop


1 Ludovic - Dot Pop
6:01 download (11,1 MB)
2 Ludovic - Click Pop
9:49 download (18,0 MB)
3 Ludovic - Give Me Some Pop
11:26 download (20,9 MB)
4 Ludovic - Farewell Pop
9:12 download (16,8 MB)
5 Ludovic - Intolerant
5:58 download (10,9 MB)
zip Ludovic - Pop
all tracks + cover download (77,3 MB)

28 Mar 2008

People in portugal say that "cheese gives you a bad memory!" Well, what can I do? I love cheese but my love came with a price: all I have now is indeed a very bad memory. So bad that I even forgot what the hell I was doing when recording my songs. And so bad that I forgot that I was supposed to write here something about the release and not about me!

This time I'm offering some random songs, travelling between ambient and dub techno influenced tunes.

Well, nevermind. Enjoy it, I promise that next time I will make a better one.


Kaydi 12 Jan 2012

I just hope whoever wtiers these keeps writing more!

DJ Doctor(Kiev) 20 Apr 2010

Приятно видеть такие работы в свободном доступе, слушаю deep techno с 1998 года и впервые услышал конкуретноспособный материал от наших музыкантов. Спасибо!

Grant 06 Feb 2009

nice laidback glitch.
keep up the great work!

Сергей Князьков(Sawsaw) 17 Apr 2008

Очень хорошая работа!

Funs 07 Apr 2008

You should at a link where I can download all song at once!

I don't like to click haha. cheers.

Du Terrelli 02 Apr 2008

guuuD StaFf fRom p0P

Михаил Шевченко (DJ TRAILER) 01 Apr 2008


Mr.Dee 31 Mar 2008

Thx for great sound!!!

antoine 30 Mar 2008

ahahha the text kicks ass

tres bien Ludovic :)

Komponente 29 Mar 2008

Good music, all the best from me friend :Ъ

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