[dplm04] Francisco Godikinho - Ghout Tin EP

[dplm04] Francisco Godikinho - Ghout Tin EP


1 Francisco Godikinho - Badocha Balde And Fadunch-Furunculo, The Cowardly Insulting Synths
9:19 download (21,3 MB)
2 Francisco Godikinho - Ghout Tin
9:14 download (21,1 MB)
3 Francisco Godikinho - Micro Travel To Badocha-Balde
10:02 download (23,0 MB)
zip Francisco Godikinho - Ghout Tin EP
all tracks + cover download (53,5 MB)

29 Dec 2007

When you feel only the borders of a material body...

When all your essence aspires to pull out and dump fetters of daily burden, only one thing is left to be done - yield yourself to the will of your soul ... and start out, forgetting all problems, miseries, coldness and misunderstanding.

Release yourself as a balloon which aspires to depart far upwards, there is nothing frightful, you are just to believe and not to be afraid.

©  Shri Yantra


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kino-get 24 Oct 2009

скачать и смотреть новые кино фильмы

pecha 20 Apr 2008

прикольно да)

zavgosp 31 Jan 2008

блін, така можливість є:)) пардон, завтикав

zavgosp 31 Jan 2008

було б класно, якби можна завантажувати все зіп-файлом разом з кавером;)

Calus 07 Jan 2008

This is one of the most original pieces of music I've heard in quite a while... Very heartfelt and sensitive, keeping a very fun side into it as well.

Well done Francisco!

kbx 31 Dec 2007

nice tunez! cheers mates! )

koma 31 Dec 2007

обложка мрачновато-темновата,но музыка гуд.совместный трек Francisco Godikinho feat Majorcat больше всего понравился)

victor m 31 Dec 2007

Badocha Balde nice

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