[dplm03] Ludovic - Dimanche Malade EP

[dplm03] Ludovic - Dimanche Malade EP


1 Ludovic - Sparkles (Francisco Godikinho ft. Hvoya)
10:46 download (24,6 MB)
2 Ludovic - The Allez i Es
9:35 download (13,1 MB)
3 Ludovic - Tools For Fools
8:40 download (19,8 MB)
zip Ludovic - Dimanche Malade EP
all tracks + cover download (56,2 MB)

09 Dec 2007

Ask yourself, are you ready to be deep in though? Take a comfortable place, cover your head with ear-phones and your travelling will start. Feel yourself creator of universe together with vibrations of inspired deep voice which carry you from one side of universe to another. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your way. Exact and non-committal beat  won’t let you lose your way. Landscape that surround you while your travelling looks like untouched not profane alps thus much desired  and inconceivable totally. 

Text © Shri Yantra

Cover © Miguel Meira


fejrexgpc 15 Aug 2011

DBXgSX cfvixpqyvcux

Greta 14 Aug 2011

Kudos to you! I hadn't thuohgt of that!

john 16 May 2008

Vocal is pretty nice!

Rita 08 Feb 2008

'Tá 'xelente, meu boi @

Ёжик 17 Jan 2008

приятное звучание!давно не слышала токаго!спасибо!

lesik 22 Dec 2007

первый трек крутой, вокал - отпад

alex gaudino 12 Dec 2007

nice music !!! and nice cover too!!

omar izquierdo 11 Dec 2007

nice release hello from mexico city :)

hellyeah 11 Dec 2007

English: you failed at it.

Pedro 11 Dec 2007

Yashgr daskljdas askdhaskd, alh asiodasiod asdkha sd asdohasoi adhsdoiaks am,sd. Aids oaosidaksdm,a sadihsdio a djksahdak bsd. Adhaiuhsduiahsdhakjsd ,masdkahsdiuagsiuda sjkgajksdgka gsd.

mui bien sir ludovic dos tremoços

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