[dplm01] Majorcat - deeplimit

[dplm01] Majorcat - deeplimit


1 Majorcat - biosphere
3:40 download (8,39 MB)
2 Majorcat - glitchy life
3.54 download (8,96 MB)
zip Majorcat - deeplimit
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07 Nov 2007

It's not so easy to be accustomed to the beauty of vacuum that is felt in tracks of Major Cat. But since you got specialized to the aesthetics of the author's point of view to the minimalism, you'll understand that you have never listen to the anything like that. You'll get deep into the images of completely personal ideology. The music of Major Cat is the tour to Your own internal world. Not so perfect, not so bright, but filled in with the space for fantasy. Smooth glitched hissing shadows and outlines the beauty of vacuum and infinity. Major Cat brings you that essential source of the fantasy.

You're given a warm atmosphere, you're played with. Somebody lets you walk onto the playground and watches for your game behaviour. The border of this feeling vanishes so hard that you cannot understand what happens: you're got accustomed to the music, or vice versa.

© Shri Yantra


MeRted 13 Jul 2008

Супер! Мне очень понравилось.Это скорее не музыка ,а звуки.Приятные звуки пустоты,при помощи которых можно окунутся в атмосферу звуков.Атмосферу пустоты..........

гость 17 Mar 2008

отличный старт!

Sasha Guide 14 Dec 2007

Можно долго сидеть описывая восторг кучей различных слов. Просто хочу взлететь!!! :D Так держать ман

Mizha Zotol 12 Dec 2007 the soundtrack of my life!
glitchy life...this is a deep my heart!

Nice work...very, very nice! Congratulations!

youngod 12 Nov 2007

transcendental idea,

Ludovic 11 Nov 2007

I'm loving this :)

abc 10 Nov 2007

amazing stuff man!

Shri_Yantra 08 Nov 2007

осспади причем тут вообще драмм....

ваня 08 Nov 2007

здесь гдето зазвучало слово драмм?

doctor M'mrm,mlrr 08 Nov 2007

заслужил свой вискас, котег!

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