[dplm31] Nacho Monetto - M.G EP

04 Dec 2012

[dplm30] Zizz - Caxap EP

01 Mar 2012

[dplm29] Deepad - Session LP

26 Dec 2011

[dplm27] Serendipity - Moody Weather

16 Jun 2011

[dplm26] Vaia - Experimental Love EP

04 Apr 2011

Presentation of the netlabel in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine

25 Dec 2007

Guys, the long-awaited presentation of deeplimit netlabel took place on December the 14th! It is very pleasant for us that you have taken part in our first reunion immersing into deeptechno. At this night many remarkable musicians whom you can hear and on the following deeplimit parties helped to create a wonderful atmosphere. Special thanks for amazing music we wish to express to our friends: stich, majorcat, shido&franka, stand up; d8 and majestic live projects.

In the nearest future we plan to perform more similar parties and we hope that not only in Dnepropetrovsk there will be deeptechno sound connoisseurs. See you at our city. Prepare equipment!

Thanks for photos to Zhu-zha, Luba and Solovey-13.


iujxizl 02 Jul 2011

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ejwnabqd 30 Jun 2011

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Jonay 30 Jun 2011

Whoever wrote this, you know how to make a good atcrile.

Ludovic 28 Dec 2007


youngod 27 Dec 2007

на девочек и на мальчиков)

всем кто хочет заказать футболки пишите на (необходимо указать размер)

mari 27 Dec 2007

а где можно достать футболку deeplimit?На девочек делаете?

рашман 27 Dec 2007

было классно=)

jul 26 Dec 2007

пьяненькая веселенькая пати:)

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