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deeplimit netlabel just opened

07 Nov 2007

Electronic heart of deeplimit net label began to beat on November, 7, 2007: website was opened just then. This event, truly, isn’t almost in any way related to socialistic revolution but certainly relates to musical revolution, which takes place already due to boundless possibilities of the Internet.

Post-Soviet musical community still fights with vestiges of heavy deficit past not only in the financial sense but also in informative one. Problems with studios, performance organization and promotion of new names are known to practically every musician who tried to hype himself alone. Despite the stormy rave 90th, the situation hasn’t almost changed. Especially it touches experimental electronic music. It is possible to count on fingers labels, publishing similar materials in Eastern European countries. Net label is a kind of way out from a crisis in which Ukrainian sound-recording industry particularly lies. Netlabel is a new form of relations between listeners, musicians and producers.

The sent material necessarily will be listened, evaluated and correctly promoted by people who sincerely interested in development of electronic music. Why are they doing this? Because above all things deeplimit is a netlabel with like-minded people: musicians, artists and other creative personalities and their friends who love deep techno and are engaged in its development and popularization (in the good sense) not only because of commercial benefit (as it does majority). Primary purpose of deeplimit netlabel is to produce and promote deep techno, glitch and microhouse music, to unite the original composers of experimental music, aspiring to the innovations in sound extraction.

deeplimit netlabel is a specific project, the format of which is limited to the stylish features of deep techno. Limits, frankly, here are a bit conditional, as well as at any music trend. And if your work seems interesting to the participants of the project you will not be left without attention. We are always glad to help new musicians.

The founders of net label, Andrey Palash and Pavel Tkachenko, determine the style of deep techno as music in which soft “deep” prevails over hard “techno”: "The sounding in which “deep” is to be multiplied by two and “techno” to be divided by two. "This is the music with unobtrusive melodious filaments, mistily winding around the bit island; the unhurried swimming in the weightlessness, protracted orgasm, opening new horizons of dreams". However, there are enough words. Put on headphones and submerge after deeplimit-fish into the digital deep-water stream of deep-techno. On the limit of volume. On the limit of emotions. On the limit of possibility.


Emmly 12 Jan 2012

Thank you so much for this atrcile, it saved me time!

qvftpslmlk 11 Jan 2012

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uyzyaybhno 11 Jan 2012

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Ebony 10 Jan 2012

There's a sceert about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

SILVERADO, Whitby Underground DJs 15 Jun 2009

music is freedom, love, peace and harmony.......expression of emotion and thought, the rhythm of a global community, thank you for reaching out to your brothers and sisters with deep beauty.

ikaros 09 Jun 2008

keep it up! Your project from every aspect, looks & sounds great!

John 31 Jan 2008

cool project

south-yojik 12 Nov 2007

Молодцы!Не обращайте внимания ни на что! А делатйте своё дело качественно!И тогда все недображелатели поймут что они ошибались!Удачи!!!

Ales 12 Nov 2007

Вау!) успехов и вдохновения!

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