Nacho Monetto

Nacho Monetto was born in 1992 in Córdoba, Argentina.




Interested in music began from the middle of 90th years.


His real name is Zolboo Uyanga and he's coming from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.


Rai has always had a passion for music and was deeply involved with the free party house and techno scene ….. but it was in 1999 that she got real serious and bought her first pair of technics, along with a Djembe, and she also did her first studio engineering course.


Producer of electronic music. Dj. Producing multimedia.
His performance possesses an important factor of improvisation.


In the project participate Kulikov Sergei (tutty) and Bragin Vitali (end_project).


Born and has grown in Russia in the city of Tver. Love a deep and atmospheric sound.


Nikos Fragomanolakis (nikosf.) started getting involved with music (as a listener) at a young age. They said that he had the talent to play the tracks he listened, easily, in a small electronic piano.



Izzat Man

Izzat Man

Loose End

Алексей Рябов
Россия, Санкт-Петербург


Lazzich was born in 1981 in Elektrostal near Moscow. He got his education at Moscow State technical university and became a nuclear generators and nuclear power installations engineer.


Originally from Scotland, Federsen (Chris kelly) now lives near San Francisco in California.

Christoph Schindling

In the early 90?s he got influenced by electronic music through the radioshow “hr3 clubnight” and he started to develop his sound with a few analog synthesizers and a 4 track cassette-recorder.


damolh33 (sci-fi creature) is the brother bernath duo. they are coming from small south slovak village called orechova poton.


The music of L_cio permeates the minimal and passes through the current Techno and dubtechno with a unique style.


Dublicator is the minimal dub/dub techno project of Tamas Olejnik, born in Hungary, 1979.


Started making and playing music at 1998 when he discover the musical software of these years. After some years discovered the netaudio scene and started to publish under Creative Commons licenses.


An Exoplanet is a planet from another solar system; a word somehow connected to the aforementioned subjects.


stefan klaas (aka 0x7f) was born in 1983. as true kid of the 80s, growing up with the commodore c64, he was always fascinated by the wonderfull blips and bleeps coming out of those retro computers and soon moved into production of his own chiptunes at the age of 16.

Evgeny Light

Born in 1983 in Norilsk City, North Russia, Evgeny started his career in 2000 playing funk and broken beats as a DJ on a local radio station. He began his first own musical experiments in late 90s, using ZX-Spectrum computer, 3-channel soundtracker and Yamaha synth. These first steps in music production were very amusing, but romantic moments of his life.


Игорь Aрсеньев
Россия, Санкт-Петербург


Kaliningrad Techno & House Music Maker.Writing electronic music, trying to make a sound more clever,alive & tranсy.One of the pioneers of Kaliningrad promo group "Right'On Faktory" promoting Techno Music at the north-west Russia.Play Live Set's & Dj Set's.

Didactic Scalica

Под сценическим псевдонимом Didactic Scalica скрывается музыкант из Грузии по имени Леван Ломидзе — организатор и идейный вдохновитель Datenbits Recordings Netlabel со "штабквартирой" в городе Москве.


Russian Federation
Dub / Techno / 2-step


Hailing from Saint-Petersburg in Russia, Bop is a new breed of producer intent on re-writing the rulebook with an intoxicating ice-cold sound; embracing influences from deep techno and minimalist dubstep through to IDM and ambient drum & bass.


Starting out as a guitarist, he began to feel the limitations the instrument imposed on his composition and gradually made the switch to a mode of music production that would enable him to find and develop his own sound.


Молодой дуэт электронной музыки из Казахстана, был основан двумя музыкантами - Владимир Амиров и Александр Копыльцов

Max Pollyul

Мax Pollyul электронный музыкант. Заинтересовался музыкой в конце 90-х годов. В результате долгих поисков и экспериментов среди различных музыкальных направлений остановился на техно.


In 2006, one of the compilations with .at/on's track was nominated for qwartz awards 3rd edition in category "qwartz compilation"

Pappy Knead & Servello

Звучание наиболее близко к техно со смесью интеллектуального саунда.

ON aka Leipzig

Путь к созданию собственой музыки начал не с консерватории или музыкальной школы, а с потребности в уникальной музыке для собственых DJSet.


Киевский музыкант и DJ, который в свои 22 года по праву может считаться одним из лучших хаус-мастеров Украины.

Vadim Griboedoff

В своих сетах отдает предпочтение музыке в контексте Detroit-, minimal- techno, deep-, micro-, tech-house, в отборе материала руководствуется собственным вкусом, а не массовыми трендами.


Einmusik is the solo project of Hamburg, Germany based producer and songwriter Samuel Kindermann.
Originally Einmusik was a trio, formed by Samuel Kindermann, Bastian el Zohbi and Pelle Buys.

Alla Farmer

Как принято говорить у диджеев, музыка была моей любовью с детства... - говорит Алла и подтверждает свои слова на деле.


Outring - to ring louder. Mostly influenced on conceptual experimental/intelligent electronic/instrumental music.


Adverb was born in Romania 1n 1976 and lives in Spain since 2003.


As I suppose to create sound is not so easy. Every track should have its own meaning and feeling.While composing tracks, please, witch offs your mobiles and ask your mum not to disturb.


The project consisting of two ideological beginnings ( Anton Savchenko and Roman Martynenko) and shined by several releases on labels Bumpfoot (japan) and Dars records (russia), including a debut album “Spak Deti”.


Его треки как и миксы отличаются позитивным настроением и глубоким мысленным подходом.

Psycho Cowboys

The music always took the important place in their life but the desire to create has appeared not so long ago.

Sergey PX

Электронной музыкой начал увлекаться с малых лет. Большей интерес проявлял к Prodigy.

Artem Folevski

Артем никогда до конца не знает, что будет конечным результатом, во что все выльется.


Из простого слушателя перерос в человека, который стал сочетать в себе такие понятия, как "творить" и "преподносить"


Музыкант, продюсер, ди-джей и радиоведущий из Москвы.

Pasha Apekunov

Found a couple of programs and tried to create something with them, understood that this is a long and hard process ...


Always loved electronic music and admired the way in which people are using machines to create unique musical landscapes.


Musician and DJ from the city of Tula


Mr. Dee is the musician, producer and the DJ from Ekaterinburg, Russia. One of the founders of Deep-X Recordings network label.


The musician, who lives by dreaming and manifests his thoughts, combines emotions and himself since childhood to this day.


Unit's does not divide himself as a dj and as a musician. There his only him and his music

Francisco Godikinho

My primary objective with each song of mine is to make something different ...


Ukrainian vocalist, composer and electro musician, music-born.


Ludovic Pereira, minimal man from the sunny Portugal.
First contact with musiv began at the age of 14.


Majorcat - musician, producer and dj in one person. He tried a different music direction ... from deep house to micro and glitch ...


The first experiments in electronic music, with primitive sample "self performers" as DanceMachine, Magix MusicMaker, gave a push to search new ways of creation.