Vaia, nacido en Montevideo, Uruguay, radicado desde pequeño en Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Producer of electronic music. Dj. Producing multimedia.

His performance possesses an important factor of improvisation.

His musical evolution across the experimentation of the sound, reduces to the minimum the expression of his musical actions.
He adopts the style minimal as his typical sound, managing to generate an own style across the concept " the maximum thing in the minimal thing ".

In his music there coexist elements of very diverse shades.
It is left to see a connection with elements of the house, techno, ambient experimentally. Disguised after minimalist strategies.

His live presentations can be in format performance live and traktor scratch, including manipulation of analogous synthesis, samplers and controllers midi.

Vaia generates in the dancing floor a thin and well-considered groove.

Hard paces, fail, hidden melodies, microsounds, passages, atmospheres; they allow to the escucha to express every beat with his body, crossing musical climaxes of absolute connection.

His artistic musical experience emerges of the roots of the underground, which it it marks and forms not only as electronic musician but also as person who interprets the freedom and the experimentation as props in the life.