Real name Vladimir Maksimov.Was born in Kiev 20 august 1986 year. Interested in music began from the middle of 90th years. Fascination was become by such legendary groups as Depeche Mode, Moloko, De-Phazz, Kraftwerk, Faithless, Moby, Chemical Brothers. From 2002 earnest began to take interest electronic music, and since from 2006 decided on own experiments with a sound, in creating music a lot of attention paid to the quality of the material. Style of works various at minimal/deep/dub techno to afro-beat / jazz / down-tempo /idm. Never play like a dj, prefers to play exceptionally only alive. At that moment Vladimir is working for its two projects deepad(with deep/tech-house/lounge sound) and b.p.m.(with minimal/deep/dub-techno sound).Deepad one of the residents off Blumenbeat records .In april 2011 at Blumenbeat rec released the deep house album Deepad-Duorum Canor. Presently also works on new projects with original and unique dub| idm |deep|glitch sounding.