Rai has always had a passion for music and was deeply involved with the free party house and techno scene ….. but it was in 1999 that she got real serious and bought her first pair of technics, along with a Djembe, and she also did her first studio engineering course. This let to several years of DJing (in the UK and USA), exploring audio/production techniques and musical instruments which included classical piano lessons…

As Serendipity, her first track “Winter” was released on Mixomat Recordings in 2008. She has had subsequent releases on Vinyl and MP3s. She collaborates with Brad Peterson as 2DeepSoul whose first vinyl release is due in May 2011. She is a supporter of independent record labels (both digital and vinyl), and creative commons as this makes it possible for all good music to be accessible to everyone around the world.

Favorite Quote:
"You can tell whether (a person) plays or not by the way they carry the instrument, whether it means something to them or not. Then the way they talk and act. If they act too hip, you know they can't play shit." Miles Davis