Laercio Schwantes Iorio is the artist behind the project L_cio live act.

The music of L_cio permeates the minimal and passes through the current Techno and dubtechno with a unique style. L_cio has been living music since he was a child. His mother has a degree in tubular organ (liturgics) e his father is a flute player. Immersed in notes, metrics, chords, he started playing the flute when he was seven. He studied intensely until he was fourteen, registering sound journeys which shed from classical music.

In 2003, after many years with no direct involvement with music, takes your interest, now, electronic music, starting a project L_cio.

L_cio just released your music with some labels and netlabels: NuLogic netlabel (Spain), Difusion Records (USA), Seta Label (Slovakia), Proc-Records (USA), Tranzmitter netlabel (Brasil), Intox Noize (Russia), Pitanga netlabel (Brazil), Backwater Community Records - BCR (United Kingdom), Wazzotic records (Czech Republic), White in music netlabel (Germany), Trashfuck net netlabel (USA), Keep On Records (Italy), PyCairo records (Italy), Insectorama minimalnetlabel (Germany), Elevado Records (Brazil), Deepindub netlabel (Italiy), Solidalab netlabel (Brazil), Beachtown Records (Germany), Wavelike netlabel (Germany), Hot’n Wet (Brasil)......

Recently, the project L_cio was featured in DJ Mag Brazil in Espiritual Techno and 4 Fantasticos articles, and in MIxMag Brazil in Fique de Olho article; in the Portal Limao – Essential e Portal MTV Brazil; addition to recent interviews and mixtapes for the websites Urbanacao, Tranquera.org (Bruno Belluomini), and the Deepbeep and webradio Purefm. Was featured too on Fiberonline website in the list of “Best of 2009” (Techno and House). Feature too, Jackson Araujo's website Shhh.fm in the mixtape Jardim Eletrico, Colabshhh – Capoeira and Handmade Piano.

The live act L_cio play in recent editions of the party Baixaria and Subcut in Vegas Club and the Tapas Club respectively. He played in parties Woof, Live PA party (Trackers) and Naganaja (Atibaia) and Aldeia Tapai (Atibaia). In 2009 play at Universo Paralello #10 (Bahia). In 2010, L_cio play at Magic Paradise festival and in the partys Xili_Quebra a Fome (Vegas Club), Techno Nights (Di Lounge) Stereophonic Sounds X Quebrando a Fome, Deepbeep no CIO (D-Edge), Sonidos del Marmiton with colective Super Fruit (Tapas Club) and Mothership (D-Edge club).

To listen to the musical work of L_cio is watching a scene. Music is free. It does not project - it gives impulse.