Christoph Schindling

Christoph schindling, born in wiesbaden, germany in 1980.

In the early 90?s he got influenced by electronic music through the radioshow “hr3 clubnight” and he started to develop his sound with a few analog synthesizers and a 4 track cassette-recorder .

At this point he was experimenting with sounds , beats and synths only for his own pleasure and along the way , he noticed that producing electronic music got a natural part of his live.

Over the years his studio changed in many ways and he started to combine the latest digital-tools with the advantage sound of his analog synths.

After several digital releases in 2007 he was lucky to share one of his tracks with the berlin based vinyl label “eintakt” in april 2008.
For him , it was the next logical step to launch his own digital label called “ornithopter records“ to provide electronic music with some deepness through the digital stores.